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Rug Cleaning

Hard flooring, such as tile or wood, is a good choice for a variety of reasons. It looks good, and it also is durable. However, it can be very loud, which is why many people choose to add area and accent rugs to help dampen sound and also to add a touch of pizazz to their decorating. These rugs tend to get dirty, and they can be difficult to clean. Green Machine Carpet Cleaning offers professional rug cleaning in Idaho Falls and surrounding areas. We are a family owned and operated company that strives to do professional work and provide excellent customer service.

Hiring Green Machine Carpet Cleaning to clean your rugs can bring you a wealth of benefits. One of the most important is making your home healthier by removing mold, allergens and other harmful substances from your rugs. Our professional rug cleaning service also helps to maintain your rugs, which protects your investment, and it saves you time and energy.

At Green Machine Carpet Cleaning, we focus on professionalism and safety. You can count on well-trained and experienced technicians to do the work, and we use only the safest and most superior cleaning products and equipment for your rug cleaning.

If your rugs are getting dirty and dingy, it’s time to call in the experts. Green Machine Carpet Cleaning offers professional rug cleaning in Idaho Falls, Rexburg and other surrounding cities and towns. Our family owned and operated company will do a highly professional job while offering you excellent customer service.

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