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Upholstery Cleaning

The upholstery in our homes and businesses add comfort and character to the space. When they’re clean and well-kept, it helps create a positive ambiance for everyone to enjoy. The same goes for the opposite. When upholstery is dirtied and neglected, it can be unpleasant for you and anyone else who enters the space.

At Green Machine, we’re here to ensure your space is well-kept and presentable at all times, especially your upholstered furniture. Serving all of Eastern Idaho and Jackson, WY, we can help you keep your furniture looking great!

Get Clean Upholstery With Green Machine

Thoroughness Guaranteed

Our trained experts know the best procedures to not only ensure your upholstery looks clean, but also remove the microscopic allergens and contaminants that are trapped within the fibers.

Attentive, Personalized Services

Upholstery comes in several materials, textures, and colors. We make sure that our cleaning approach is safe, yet effective for the type of upholstery we’re dealing with.

Trained & Certified Pros

Our entire team is trained and certified by the IICRC and will utilize the best practices when cleaning your upholstered materials.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

  1. Our technicians will arrive on site and begin by thoroughly inspecting your upholstery. Important factors they will consider include fabric type, color and age of the furniture to determine the best cleaning approach.
  2. Next, they will spot treat any areas that appear to need extra attention.
  3. After all the spots are treated, the next stage is deep cleaning. Generally, our machine will inject hot water and a cleaning solution into the furniture to agitate and release any dirt that’s hidden deep within the fibers.
  4. Afterward, the water and solution are extracted to remove the dirt.
  5. We then inspect the upholstery to ensure everything is fully cleaned.
  6. Your upholstery will dry within hours.

Stay Healthy With Clean Upholstery

Chances are, you’re using, working, and relaxing on your upholstered furniture every day. Prolonged use can lead to natural wear and tear, and can become a breeding ground for bacteria that is left to multiply over time. Be sure to protect yourself and others who use your upholstery by getting them cleaned by a certified upholstery cleaning team. We ensure the removal of bacteria, pollutants, and other contaminants that may be present.

Odor Removal

Our cleaning services don’t just improve the appearance of your upholstery. We also tackle any odor problems that may come with it. Whether it be a spill, pet accident, smoke, etc., our powerful machines are able to break down odor particles so the unpleasant smells disappear for good. 

Clean Upholstery In 3 Simple Steps



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Take Care Of Your Upholstery Today

For all of your upholstery cleaning needs in Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and nearby cities, call the professionals at Green Machine Carpet Cleaning. Our family-operated cleaning company understands the importance of maintaining good business practices and will ensure your upholstery is kept clean, presentable, and lasts a lifetime!